Our Pain, Suffering, and Anguish: If Only…

This session will focus on preventative steps to aid in efforts to increase awareness of an individual’s perception of those we may contact without any knowledge of their inner pain, sufferings, anguish, or other form of distress. “If only” is a phrase we hear too often in times of tragedy. If only we had known what was going on. If only we would’ve had that conversation. If only they knew they weren’t alone. If only I had recognized the signs. If only we had more access to treatment. If only. Unfortunately, the conversation tends to be short and after tragedy has already struck – suicide, homelessness, unemployment, and incarceration. This session opens eyes and helps to identify windows of opportunity to encourage involvement into what some may deem as private matters. We can all make a difference if only we’re willing to get involved. Where there is doubt, questions, and/or concern we should get involved. “If Only…”

Educational Objectives

As a result of attending this training participants will be able to:

  • Increase knowledge of “stress related” responses in relation to what may qualify as emotional distress.
  • Recognize & identify some of the warning signs associated with individuals in need of emotional support and attention.
  • Share identified Risk and Protective Factors to aid in supporting emotional health.

Available Continuing Education:

CHES – Certified Health Education Specialist

CPH – Certified Public Health

DMH – Addiction Therapist

DMH – Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Therapist

DMH – Licensed Administrator

DMH – Mental Health Therapist

MAAP – Mississippi Association of Addiction Professionals



Educator CE’s applied for


Marc Fomby, FTC Prevention Services, LLC




May. 28, 2020


9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Marc Fomby, FTC Prevention Services, LLC