Preparing for the Exam to Become Prevention Certified

This course will provide prevention professionals with the information, tools, and resources needed to assist them in the process of earning their substance abuse prevention certification. This workshop will cover all 5 domains covered on the certification exam.

Educational Objectives

 At the end of this activity the participant will be able to:

Objective 1: Identify the importance of prevention certification and the levels of credentialing

This includes information for APS, CPS, and CPM.

Objective 2: Discuss the process for obtaining prevention certification

This includes information about the portfolio and the examination.

Objective 3: Examine the Core Functions and Domains of Prevention :

Domain 1- Planning and Evaluation

Domain 2-Educartion and Skill Development

Domain 3- Community Organization

Domain 4- Public Policy and Environmental Change Domain 5 -Professional Growth & Responsibility

Objective 4: Complete a practice prevention certification examination


No CE’s offered


Jordan Hillhouse, CPS, MBA


Dec. 15, 2020


9:00 am - 3:30 pm


Jordan Hillhouse, CPS, MBA